Hello, and welcome! I'm Erika and this space is where I share bits and pieces of my family's adventures in England, our new home. I love celebrating God in our life, motherhood, family, travel, good food, and life's simple joys...like fashion. :)

I love Jesus, my husband and our two little girls and baby boy.
I like to share  a little bit of everything I enjoy and inspires me.
A little bit about us: My husband and I met in church and fell in love in a youth camp/expedition in the Carpathian Mountains,.Yes, we are born in Romania and now living and discovering the beautiful land of England with our three little ones.
I started this little blog as a place to share bits and pieces of our new  life in UK for just our families and a few close friends.
Since its beginning in 2011, this blog has also picked up a few new readers along the way!
Thanks for following along! I'm happy to have you here!


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  1. Such an inspiration. I love the page and having some ideas what to do with the kids! Tizi****


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